Getting started

Before you begin

You should have access to an AODocs instance and understand some AODocs fundamentals, as well as some basic concepts underlying AODocs APIs (and RESTful APIs in general).

Using the API

To ease into the world of API calls and responses, you can spend some time playing around with the API Explorer. To make it even easier, you can try it using the individual methods in the Manage AODocs documents section. They are arranged in a specific sequence to get you comfortable with manipulating AODocs resources.

Or you can dive right into the methods and schemas in the Reference. To flesh out the succinct reference documentation, you can read more about AODocs resources and APIs of note in their respective sections.

Additionally, you can explore the Best practices sections to get a better understanding of what’s around the edges of the mainstream use cases.

But the easiest way to start is to use the API Explorer to follow the sequence of methods in the Manage AODocs data section. Here’s to learning new and useful things!

Note: These pages are an ongoing project to describe a system of ever-changing features and functionalities. Insomuch as the documentation effort aims for stability and robustness, it can never be considered 100% complete, let alone immutable. If you find something incorrect, please let us know and we’ll be happy to fix it.